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Electric Diamond Sharpener



Electric Diamond Sharpener with Coarse and Fine Sharpening Wheels.

220 VAC Operation - Power Supply Included.

This sharpener has been tested by Lassar and has met our stringent quality requirements. There are several sharpeners on the market that claim to work on ceramic knives , we have tested these and the results were unsatisfactory. 

The angle and sharpening pressure are preset, all you have to do is pull the knife through the guide slot provided. It takes 30 seconds to sharpen your knife , the fastest domestic sharpener available.

Another bonus is that the sharpener can be used for your steel knives as well.

Please note that this is a tool for maintaining your knives. It will not fix ceramic knives with large chips or steel knives that are blunt. Ceramic knives with large chips need to be returned to us . Steel knives that have had a lot of use should have the sharpening angle reset and then use the sharpener for maintanence. We can reset the angle on your steel knives as well. Send us a mail for details.

Comes with 3 year gaurantee on motor and housing. Spare diamond wheels are available and are easy to change.

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