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Lassar 6 Inch - 15 cm Chefs Knife White with Magnetic Lid Box

Starting at: R325.00


Do a lot of cooking? Then this is the something you have to have in your kitchen. This is a standard chefs knife that would be found in any serious foodies kitchen. Comes with the non slip handle so you can apply a strong cutting motion.
Comes in an elegant box with foam inlay and a magnetic sealing lid. Great to look at and also to keep your prized knife safe when not in use.
This is the knife for preparing big quantities of vegetables and salads. The long blade allows you to cut things like a whole lettuce quickly. But because it has a curved blade you can use it to fine chop garlic and the like by holding the top of the blade in one hand and using the handle in the other to see saw the knife. 
You to can be a Samurai chef !
If you require names engraved on your knife please add single knife engraving from the engraving folder to your order.
6 Inch = 15cm Weight 105 Gram
NB Knife blade lengths are approximations of actual size 
NB. Please note that engraving can take up to 1 week.

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Laser Engraving

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